Texting Simulator Codes | Roblox | May 2020

Here are all the updated and valid Texting simulator codes. We’ve compiled all the available texting simulator codes into a huge list!

Redeem these codes to earn different items, pets, gems, coins, and more!

Texting Simulator Codes

texting simulator codes

Latest Texting Simulator Codes

FREEEGGClaim 500 diamonds
ephoneproClaim 1,000 cash
spookytimeClaim 1, 000 cash

Other Valid & Active Texting Simulator Codes

HACKERClaim 250 diamonds and 500 cash
beatsheadphonesClaim 250 diamonds and 500 cash
100KClaim 100 diamonds and 1,000 cash
gamingstationClaim 1,000 cash
rainbowpodsClaim 250 diamonds, 500 cash & 50 coins
GrinningEmojiClaim 1,000 cash
TextingLordClaim 1,000 cash
EmojiClaim 1,000 cash
SoreThumbsClaim 1,000 cash
WirelessClaim 250 diamonds, 500 cash & 50 coins
AirClaim 250 diamonds, 500 cash & 50 coins
podsClaim 250 diamonds, 500 cash & 50 coins
RickyTheFishyClaim 10 diamonds, 100,000 cash
LovelyHeartsClaim 50 diamonds, 2,500 cash
OnTheGramClaim 250 diamonds, 1,000 cash, 50 coins
InstagramClaim 250 diamonds, 500 cash & 50 coins

Texting Simulator Astro Portal Codes

You’ve to enter these 6 symbol codes to enter each portal.

Moon PortalPink, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and finally Green
Mars PortalBlue, Pink, Orange, Black, Green, and finally Yellow
Star PortalYellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, and finally Orange

How to redeem Texting Simulator codes?

If you’re playing Roblox for some time, you would already be knowing about redeeming the codes. If you don’t know that already, here’s how you can redeem Texting Simulator codes 2020:

  1. Click on the Twitter icon on the top left side of your screen.
  2. In the pop-up window that opened now, enter the codes we mentioned above.
  3. Click on the “Redeem” button after entering the codes.

Here’s a video from RazorFishGaming explaining how to redeem the texting simulator codes on Roblox:

Texting Simulator

Texting simulator is a game inside Roblox created by Kaisus. It’s a game where you can click to text, sell texts, and earn money. And buy new phones and tablets using the money you earned in the game.

And we hope you were able to use these Texting Simulator codes and redeemed them already!

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