AFK Arena Redemption Codes | May 2020

AFK Arena has the option to redeem AFK Arena Redemption Codes for free in-game rewards for FREE!

We’ve compiled all the latest and working AFK redemption codes on this page. Some of the codes are event specific and sometimes time-based.

AFK Arena Redemption Codes

afk arena redemption codes

mrpumpkin2 300 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls
tt9wazfsbp 1,000 Diamonds
happybday0409500 Diamonds, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 5 Chest of Wishes
AFK88820,000 Gold, 100 Hero’s Essence, 300 Diamonds
Don000013,000 Diamonds
te9gig7y581,000 Diamonds
misevj66yi500 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls, 60 Rare Soulstornes

AFK Arena Youtuber Codes

m6h4wepz7uFree character, Gwyneth.
jenrmb3n3a500 Diamonds, 3 Scrolls
j8wspdd8rk1,000 Diamonds, 120 Rare Soulstones, 10 Elite Soulstones
PQGEIMC6DA300 Diamonds

There are 5 more YouTuber rewards, which give the same rewards. Here are the AFK arena codes.


Rewards: 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 1,000 Diamonds, 100,000 Gold Coins

Expired AFK Arena Redemption Codes

  • u3gpi6heu6
  • tvb5zkyt47
  • s7yps9phsj
  • s4vyzvanha
  • rvgv3b8g4i
  • yuanxiao
  • 7xinggaozhao
  • 66dashun
  • 5fulinmen
  • 4jipingan
  • 3yangkaitai
  • 2longtengfei
  • 1fanfengshun
  • afknewyear2020
  • thanksgiving2019
  • pqgeimc6da
  • m6h4wepz7u
  • jenrmb3n3a
  • j8wspdd8rk
  • dadisafk2019
  • 2019mothersday
  • afklaunch
  • bunnyfufuu
  • happynewyear2019
  • g8jv646a3y
  • christmas2018

How to Redeem AFK Arena Redemption Codes?

If you don’t know how to redeem AFK Arena Redemption Codes, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the player avatar option in the top left corner of the game.
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click on “Redemption Code”.
  4. Now enter the code in the space given.

AFK Arena Redemption Codes

We hope you got to redeem these AFK Redemption Codes and get your rewards! If any of these codes did not work for you, please comment and let us know!

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